Big article in the KCStar about bike commuting

Sunday's KCStar had a major article on transportation alternatives. Among the alternatives prominently discussed were bike commuting and commuting via a combination of biking and bus. Most KC metro area buses now have bicycle racks, although making bus trips across the metro area can be somewhat complicated by the fact that there are three separate mass transit entities in the metro area. Bringing a bicycle along can help fill the gaps in the mass transit system, though--for instance, Ben Custer bikes a couple of miles at the end of his bus trip rather than making a complicated transfer between JO and KCATA buses.

"The bus has a whole slew of advantages that I hadn't really contemplated before. Like flat-out relaxation. You can see the traffic ahead and you don't care."--Ben Custer . . .

It takes [Corinne] McCanse, 34, about an hour to bike 11 miles from her Brookside home to Sprint at 119th Street and Nall Avenue in Overland Park, about twice the time it takes by car.

She packs her work clothes in a saddlebag that attaches to the back of the bike and showers at Sprint's fitness center when she gets there. . . .

"I wish more people would do it," she said. "I'm not a big exerciser. I figure if I can do it, everyone can."
Both Ben and Corinne were motivated to try bike commuting by the Kansas City Bicycle Commuter Challenge, which just wrapped up its second year.