Kansas City Riverfront Trail news

Tuesday's Kansas City Star had a roundup of the situation with the Riverfront Heritage Trail, which is planned to link downtown Kansas City, MO, with downtown Kansas City, KS. The main section of the trail is scheduled to be opened in time for the Lewis & Clark bicentennial celebration in Kansas City on July 4th, 2004.
[T]he Riverfront Heritage Trail is in a class by itself.

Just partly completed, it will be a spectacular addition to the region's growing network of hiking and biking pathways, known as Metro Green.
Last week the Star had an article about the trail prevue tour that a number of people in the Kansas City cycling community attended:
“If a community wants to have livability,” Trotter said, “the first thing they do is make it walkable.”

So on Tuesday, Trotter showed off segments of what's slated to be a 10-mile, $36 million trail linking parks and historic areas in Kansas City and Kansas City, Kan.

About 40 percent of the project is finished, Trotter said. . . .

Carol Hatcher, 54, . . . lives in Kansas City, Kan., but rides weekly in Kansas City with a bicycle club.

“This is awesome,” Hatcher said. “I'm so excited about the trails.”