Riverfront Heritage Trail of Kansas City, MO/KS, celebrates another milestone

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The Riverfront Heritage Trail is a fully accessible fifteen-mile bicycle and pedestrian pathway that begins at the riverfront and winds through the oldest and most historic parts of bi-state Kansas City. It is the first of its kind in Downtown Kansas City. It links communities, parks, and exciting destinations with unique new venues and dramatic public artworks. Most importantly, this trail serves as a hub for all the surrounding mid-town and suburban trail systems that are attempting to link up in the process of creating a metropolitan, by-state trail system. Historical markers along the Trail will create a journey through the early history of this region. As such, the Trail will enhance bi-state Kansas City’s historic, cultural and recreational treasures. The Trail will help our community gain access to our spectacular rivers, improve the community’s quality of life, enhance transportation, and improve the environment while simultaneously stimulating economic development.

Riverfront Heritage Trail Construction

The Riverfront Heritage Trail is nearing completion. It was never intended to be an area-wide trail system. Rather, it was designed to be the hub of such a system. In the process of completing this trail major urban and topological challenges had to be conquered such as crossing two rivers, scaling major bluffs, and negotiating multiple highways, railroads, and levees. The ultimate purpose was to help make all future trail construction less expensive and more efficient. Arguably, the Riverfront Heritage Trail is the very heart of the entire trail system.

The Riverfront Heritage Trail is the product of a coalition of public and private stakeholders including the City of Kansas City, Missouri; Unified Government of Wyandotte County and Kansas City, Kansas; Port KC, Missouri; and Kansas City River Trails, Inc. These partners are committed to developing a high quality trail and along the way improving and beautifying the adjacent urban landscape. Along the route of the Trail considerable effort has been expended to improve infrastructure, replace barren land, and clean up or remove blight. Moreover, the Trail is designed to complement existing architectural investments. The Trail with its interpretive elements improves the value of any adjacent property and is an agent for attracting tourists and new businesses. Thus, in the final analysis, support for this Trail is a serious commitment to visibly and permanently transforming the bi-state landscape and the livability of the communities near the Trail.


Completion of connecting trail from River Bluff Park at 4th & Beardsley to Top of Forrester Viaduct Trail.
Connection of trail in Downtown KCK to Jersey Creek Trail.
Completion of Riverfront Heritage Trailhead in Historic West Bottoms with Freedom Mall (Slave Exodus) and Spirit Mall (Frontier Railroad Evolution). See art devoted to slave exodus and Reconditioned Santa Fe Caboose with information kiosks.
Completion of Freedom Trail connecting Missouri and Kansas.
Completion of I-670 Pedestrian Bridge with Public Art near 17th and Jarboe.
Completion of Forrester Viaduct with trail connector to the West Bottoms.

Coming Soon:

Connection of trail to Lewis & Clark Kaw Point Park
Connection of trail in River Market to Cliff Drive Trail.
Connection of Chouteau Bridge River Crossing with Berkley Park via new Front Street Trail.
Introduction of artist tribute and historic markers along trail.

MoBikeFed comment: The Kansas City Riverfront Heritage Trail has been working to make the vital trail connections at the heart of the Kansas City metro area for almost 20 years.

The board, led by Darby Trotter, has chipped away at creating connections through very difficult territory--bridging major rivers, bluffs, railroads, and numerous political jurisdictions in two states.

Tonight the Riverfront Trail is celebrating its work to bridge two cities and two counties in two states.