Lewis & Clark re-enactment works its way across Missouri

The Lewis & Clark re-enactment is slowly working its way across the state of Missouri during the month of June.

During this first part of the re-enactment, from St. Charles to Boonville, much of the activity is accessible via the Katy Trail.

A Columbia Tribune article has details about the celebration as the Corps re-enactment arrived at Huntsdale:
The Discovery Corps’ replica keelboat and pirogues docked near the boat ramp at about 11 a.m. to the applause of about 100 observers, including many who wore biking helmets, evidence of the nearby Katy trail.

The two-day festival includes many activities to keep visitors busy. In the field near the boat ramp, a replica rendezvous camp was set up for visitors to see how traders and hunters met up during the days of the Lewis and Clark expedition. The camp included an 18-foot-diameter American Indian teepee, a tomahawk-throwing demonstration and an 18th-century firearms demonstration.