Lewis & Clark celebration to kick off May 13th

The Alton, IL, Telegraph has a story detailing celebrations around the start of the Lewis and Clark re-enactment:
After more than two years of planning, organizers mapped out Tuesday the events to unfold next week at the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial celebration -- a huge undertaking expected to draw up to 30,000 visitors to the area.

The gala will kick off Thursday, May 13, with a celebration at the Gateway International Raceway in Madison before moving the following three days to the confluence of the Mississippi and Missouri rivers in Hartford on a 30-acre plot of land near the Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at New Poag Road and Illinois Route 3. The site marks the point of departure for William Clark and Meriwether Lewis as they led the Corps of Discovery in westward exploration 200 years ago.
Sunday, May 16th there will be a bike ride starting at the celebration site at 8:30AM.