MoBikeFed releases proposed Missouri Statewide Bicycle Route Map

Working with MoDOT and the mapping subcommittee of MoDOT's Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee, MoBikeFed today released the second revision of the proposed Missouri Cross-State Bicycle Route Map.

Bicyclists and citizens from across the state are invited to view the map and give feedback about the routes they are familiar with.

The first version of the proposed cross-state routes was released by the Missouri Bicycle Federation in June 2003. The second version of the map, released today, has many substantial revisions in response to this feedback.

The map identifies a number of east/west and north/south "bicycle freeways" across the state as well as secondary "bicycle highways". All of the proposed routes would be intended to be used by experienced long-distance or touring bicyclists.

The proposed cross-state route map has the twin goals of
  1. Identifying the most bicycle-friendly possible cross state routes and routes connecting all main population centers in Missouri, given existing roads and conditions.

  2. Identifying problem spots, sections, or areas in the bicycle routes for possible future improvement.
Future improvement of difficult spots is by no means guaranteed in either the near or the long term, but identifying a route as part of a statewide masterplan does help to raise a route's priority for a variety of funding options and can influence planners to include better bicycling accommodations on that route in the future.