Springfield uses electronic speed boards to slow traffic near schools

Springfield, MO, has successfully used speed boards, which show the driver's speed electronically, to raise driver awareness of speed in school zones, according to a KYTV3 report.

The committee that installed the speed boards believed they helped to raise driver consciousness of speed. Springfield had no school-related bicycle or pedestrians crashes this year.

Studies show that the overwhelming majority of children who are injured walking or bicycling to school are injured near the school by the "rush hour" traffic of other parents and school buses driving children to the school.

Reducing this traffic and slowing it is an important way to improve safety for those walking and bicycling to school.

The Missouri Bicycle Federation has supported a statewide standardized 20 MPH school zone speed limit for Missouri.

A slower speed in school zones reduces the potential for bicycle/pedestrian crashes and dramatically reduces the severity of such crashes if they occur.

Experience in other states has shown that standardized school zone speed limits, increased penalties, and standardized signage throughout the state would help improve driver compliance with school zone speed limits.