Townspeople donate new bicycles to Liberty Police Bike Patrol

Ed Chasteen of Liberty sent the following announcement about new bicycles that have been purchased for the Liberty, MO, police department and the celebration that is planned for August 28th, 2004, in Liberty.

Ed also adds that they will have a bike ride on August 28, starting at 7AM from Biscari Brothers Bicycles in Liberty. They will ride to Excelsior Springs for breakfast at Mill Inn, then back to Liberty in time for the 11AM ceremony at City Hall, a 30 mile round trip. Then they will ride from City Hall to Biscari Brothers to set up for our recewption for the town from 1-4.

All cyclists are invited to join them for this celebration ride.

About the Liberty police bicycles:
Until nine years ago, Liberty police patrolled our town only in cars. And a fine job they did. Then a state grant made it possible for our town to buy a police bicycle. And Missouri Public Service donated another. Those two bicycles quickly proved their worth. They could go where cars cannot. They were quiet. Officers were more open and accessible to our citizens. Arrests were made that could not have been made in cars.

Now the bicycles are worn out. New ones are needed. But there is no money in the city budget. Dave Biscari had an idea. His bicycle shop is a TREK dealer. The police bikes are TREKs. Dave asked TREK for a special price. Then he asked HateBusters to help raise the money needed. HateBusters sent email appeals to lots of Liberty folks. The people of our town responded quickly and the money came. Dave ordered the bikes.

All the people of our town are invited to come on Saturday, August 28th to Liberty City Hall at 11 AM to witness the presentation of the two new bicycles to our Liberty Police Department. Then everyone is invited to come to Biscari Brothers Bicycles between the hours of 1-4. We will have hotdogs and hamburgers and soft drinks. Our two Liberty Police Bicycle Patrol Officers will be there to meet the public and show off their new bikes. We will have a giant cake with bicycles on it.

Join us! Help us celebrate our town.
In other Liberty news, the Bike-Aid cross country ride recently spent a day in the area.