Riding in cold weather

Cold weather is officially here in Missouri now--at least part time.

Many cyclists keep riding all winter long--and not just riding, but riding and loving it.

The trick is to have the right equipment and the right clothing.

Bicycle Advocates at the University of Michigan has a page of advice for riding in the colder months:
  • With dark coming as early as five, lights are especially important; you're invisible without them, and you must be visible to be safe.

  • You may just want to walk on days when roads aren't clear. Fortunately, this is usually only right after a big storm.

  • don't dress too warmly; dress in thin layers you can easily remove, jackets with zippers you can adjust, etc. If you're a little cold when you leave the house you may be about the right temperature after riding a few minutes.

  • underwear made out of "wicking" material (not cotton) helps draw moisture away from your skin