Supporters of Amendment 3 have raised $1.6 million

According to an Associated Press story appearing in the San Jose (California) Mercury News, the proponents of Missouri Constitutional Amendment 3 have raised $1.6 million, $763,000 of that in July, August and September.

Meanwhile, the opponents have raised a mere $5,150.

Mehan also said Monday that [Amendment 3 supporters] would use "multiple forms of media" to spread the word with two weeks left until Election Day. . . .

Among the groups contributing the most to the organization backing the amendment: the Civic Progress Action Committee in St. Louis gave $85,000; the Civic Council of Greater Kansas City gave $50,000; the International Union of Operating Engineers in Kansas City gave $50,000, and a unit of the Eastern Missouri Laborers gave $25,000. The Missouri chamber also donated $25,000.

Several contractors, construction and related supplier companies also contributed, as did other business and civic organizations.