Springfield plans additions to greenway system

Springfield recently purchased a 21-acre plot of land near Jordan Creek. According to a Springfield News-Leader article:
Buying the land is part of the city's effort to acquire land that's in flood plains, said Harry Price, stormwater division director.

Along with preventing building in flood-plain areas, the purchase is part of an effort to improve stormwater quality and to create greenway trails in the city, he said. . . .

[Ozarks Greenways director Terry] Whaley said the purchase shows how city funds can be spent for not just one, but for several purposes.

"I always like the idea we can spend taxpayers' money once, but get two or three uses out of it — it's a good deal for everybody," he said.
The Fullbright Landfill, a SuperFund site, has recently received funding to be rehabilitated and also become part of Springfield's greenway system.

More Missouri communities should follow Springfield's lead in aggressively pursuing land acquisition and greenway development.