Benefits to Bicycle Clubs that join MoBikeFed

The primary benefit any member--whether a club, a business, or an individual--receives from joining the Missouri Bicycle Federation, is the better conditions for bicycling that advocacy brings. We know that states that have more active and powerful advocacy groups have better conditions for bicycling.

But let's get more specific. How does joining MoBikeFed benefit your club or organization?
  • You are contributing your share to the statewide advocacy MoBikeFed specializes in.

  • The club leader receives the MoBikeFed newsletter.

  • The "Letter to dangerous/hostile motorist" service is available to your members. Bicyclists who have a dangerous or threatening encounter with a motorist can report the vehicle tag number to MoBikeFed. We find the motorist's contact info from the MO Division of Motor Vehicles database and send the motorist a letter.

  • You may use the MoBikeFed logo on your web site and publications, and indicate that you are "a member organization of the Missouri Bicycle Federation."

  • We list member clubs periodically in our newsletter that goes to bicyclists statewide. This is free advertising for your club and also helps create a good vibe for your club as an advocacy supporter.

  • We specially emphasize member clubs in our online list of Missouri Bicycle Clubs. The list is one of our most popular pages. The website receives about 50,000 hits and 10,000 visitors every month.

  • We often help local clubs or individuals by supporting their advocacy efforts in various ways, especially if they involve state law or MoDOT in any way. Sometimes a letter written in support, or just knowing the right person to contact within the state bureaucracy makes all the difference.
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