EarthRiders rebuilds KC-area mountain biking trail

According to a Kansas City infoZine article:
In just a short time, the EarthRiders Mountain Bike Club of Kansas City has made significant progress in its efforts to renovate and reconstruct the mountain bike trail in Shawnee Mission Park. . . .

"There was never anything official created - it just kind of became a bike trail and therefore was never designed for sustainability," said JCPRD Planning and Development Manager Bill Maasen.

As a result, much of the trail follows fall lines and is subject to washout and erosion. The group's goal in reconstructing the trail is to make it follow land contours and therefore be more sustainable. When the group started, there where 13 intersections where the trail crosses itself, a confusing and potentially dangerous situation. The group plans to lower this number to only two intersections an two exit points at the trailhead..