Gas prices may stay above $2/gallon for spring and summer

According to a KC infoZine article, quoting information from the Missouri Department of Natural Resources:
Many analysts are predicting that nationwide gas prices are likely to reach and settle well above the $2 mark throughout the spring and summer driving seasons. This will lead many drivers to seek options to decrease their gasoline usage and lessen the shock of gas price increases. To help motorists take advantage of these cost-saving opportunities, the Department of Natural Resources' Energy Center offers "Saving Green on Gasoline," a publication aimed at encouraging drivers to consider a number of steps that can decrease transportation fuel use.
According a Joplin Globe story, the owner of one tune-up shop said, "My advice to people is to quit driving and start riding bicycles. . . . That's about the best advice I can give."

Bicycling for transportation, running errands, and commuting is not as hard as it is often made out to be--especially if you're already riding your bicycle distances of 10 miles or more for recreational. One bike commuter offers a page of tips and ideas for getting started.