Save the Katy Bridge at Boonville--call a toll-free # to register support

Paula Shannon of the "Save the Katy Bridge" committee sent the following.
In 1987 the Katy Trail was given ownership to the bridge in the Rails to Trails Agreement. MKT Railroad was given $200,000 for the purchase of the Katy Bridge. Now Union Pacific is asking Governor Blunt to award the ownership of the bridge to the railroad so the steel can be recycled. The decision of ownership of the Katy Bridge is in Governor Blunt's office. Senator Stouffer is scheduled to meet with the governor the first of the week to discuss the issues. The Save the Bridge Committee is working on a multiple stage plan to develop the Katy Bridge into the Katy Trail.

Senator Stouffer is asking everyone in support of saving the bridge to call his toll free number 1-866-768-3987.

He feels these phone calls can make a big impact on Governor Blunt's decision.

Our Save the Bridge Committee is requesting your members to make telephone calls to Senator Stouffer. Time is short in order for us to show telephone support so your immediate attention would be appreciated.

Paula Shannon

Save the Katy Bridge Committee
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