At advocates' urging, MoDOT to consider bicycle/pedestrian Missouri River crossing near downtown Kansas City

The Missouri Bicycle Federation, the Greater Kansas City Bicycle Federation, the Kansas City Running Club, and other interested groups have been advocating that MoDOT consider a bicycle/pedestrian crossing in conjunction with the proposed I-29/I-35 (Paseo) bridge over the Missouri River near downtown Kansas City. (See details of the issue here.)

MoDOT has considered the issue and issued the statement below.

This is very good news! It is only the first step, but it is exactly what we were asking for at this point. Note that no funding is promised--there is merely a promise to investigate funding options.

Find our more about the Paseo Bridge project here.

At this time you can contact MoDOT and ask them to place you on the contact list for the Paseo Bridge Environmental Impact Study (EIS).

Thanks to all those who took the time to write to MoDOT on this issue.

Here is the letter from MoDOT Bicycle/Pedestrian Coordinator Caryn Giarratano:

Thank you for contacting us about bicycle and pedestrian access across the Missouri River at Kansas City. We undertand the importance of overcoming barriers (such as major rivers) to these modes of travel.

The I-29/I-35 Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) and Location Study will include a review and discussion of the need for a safe and appropriate bicycle and pedestrian crossing over the Missouri River, including the need for safe access to and from the crossing, protection from motorized traffic and safety railings.

The discussion planned in the EIS will also include a review of a possible location (or locations) for a bicycle/pedestrian Missouri River crossing. It will provide review of the location identified in the 2002 Northland-Downtown Major Impact Study (MIS), and in existing regional bike path plans, on or near the Heart of America Bridge. The discussion will also include consideration of other locations that relate well to existing and planned routes to provide connectivity to local street systems and destinations.

The EIS review, along with the existing recommendations in other studies and the support of bicycle and pedestrian access advocates, will provide information that can help the community begin more detailed planning, identify funding and move towards implementation of a safe and efficient Missouri River crossing for bicyclists and pedestrians.

Sincerely, Caryn

Caryn Giarratano, Ph.D.
MoDOT Senior Transportation Planner
Bicycle and Pedestrian Program Coordinator
POB 270, Jefferson City, MO 65102-0270, 573-526-8052 (fax)

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