Diabetes Education Fund/Tour of the Ozarks donates $1000 towards MoBikeFed's membership drive

The Tour of the Ozarks announced this week that the Diabetes Education Fund will make a major donation in support of the Missouri Bicycle Federation's current membership drive.

"It is great to see ride organizers who really have the vision of what it takes to make Missouri better for bicycling," says Missouri Bicycle Federation President Brent Hugh. "Tour of the Ozark's gift will have a real impact on the Missouri Bicycle Federation's future.

"I encourage Missouri bicyclists to support the Tour of the Ozarks, just as the Tour of the Ozarks has supported bicycling in Missouri."

Tour of the Ozarks takes place September 17th, 2005, and includes routes of 12, 25, 50, and 100 miles.

The Tour is the major fund raiser for the Diabetes Education Fund.

For more information, visit the Tour of the Ozarks web site.