Columbia's Bike, Walk, and Wheel Week gets started

Columbia Missourian writer Kyle Rogers took Columbia Mayor Hindman's challenge to participate in Bike, Walk, & Wheel week. From the report of his first day:
Leaving the car in the parking garage might turn out to be one of the smartest things I do this week, because I’ve discovered that I become more productive and efficient with my time when I’m on the bike.

I left my apartment earlier today because I anticipated all of my errands would take me a little longer. I wasn’t as careless when I packed up everything I needed for the day. Leaving something behind would’ve been a little more inconvenient. I actually looked forward to running all of my errands because they weren’t errands anymore. They were just stops during my bike ride.

In the end, I got everything done sooner than I thought and had time for a long lunch. I had the peace of mind that comes with completing a “to do” list, plus that which comes from being outside all day doing something active.