Postcard advocacy for a Complete Katy Trail--St. Louis to Kansas City

Our campaign to blast Missouri Dept. of Natural Resources Director Doyle Childers with mail and email continues. The campaign urges Childers to support a complete Katy Trail, from St. Louis to Kansas City.

Right now, Childers needs to put his full weight behind negotiations to create a trail connection between the Katy Trail and the Kansas City metro area.

To help in this campaign we have created a Complete the Katy Trail Printable Postcard [PDF]. You can print the postcards and distribute them at rides, club meetings, events, bike shops, etc. Supporters can write their own message on the back of the postcard and send it in to Director Childers.

You can help the campaign by mailing or emailing the DNR chief:
To: Doyle Childers, Director, Missouri DNR
Mail: PO Box 176, Jefferson City, MO 65102
Message: I support a complete Katy Trail system stretching from the St. Louis arch to Liberty Memorial in Kansas City
A complete cross-state Katy Trail network is an important step in creating the Quad-State Trail Plan connecting St. Louis to Kansas City, St. Joseph, Omaha, Lincoln, and beyond.