19 AUG 2005: Bike/ped access on Kansas City's new $250 million Paseo Bridge

Here is an advocacy action you can take that will help a lot (I promise!) and actually take less than one minute.

One Minute Advocacy Action
You enter your name & address, press a button, and the system sends an email asking MoDOT to accommodate bicycle/pedestrian access on the upcoming Paseo Bridge project (the bridge crosses the Missouri River in Kansas City).
Click here to try KCBikeFed's "One-Minute Advocacy" system
If you prefer to send a personalized email on this issue, address it to "I29/I35 Environmental Impact Study" and email to I29I35EIS@hntb.com.

Details about the Paseo Bridge Issue
The issue is this: Kansas City has NO bicycle/pedestrian friendly Missouri River Crossing. The Paseo Bridge is up for re-construction at a cost of over $245 million.

Advocates want bike/ped access across the new bridge (a separated bike/ped path that would interface with the area trail network and local streets) but MoDOT is dragging its feet. They need to hear from more community members and community leaders, clearly showing their support for bicycle/pedestrian connectivity in the Kansas City area.

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