Days are getting shorter--remember those lights!

Ken Kifer's web site has very good and detailed information about bicycle safety, written by a very experienced bicyclist, from a bicyclist's perspective:

At night, it's essential that the cyclist use lights in addition to the reflectors. For commuters, the best front light is the very bright rechargeable lamp. For the day tourer, it's important to carry a small, battery-powered lamp for the trip that ends up finishing after daylight has ended. Unfortunately, many of the lights sold for this purpose are inadequate. For long-distance travelers, those who ride long distances in the country at night, or those whose habits are sporadic, a generator front light is bright and always available for use. Athough not required in most states, I highly recommend a tail light in addition to the rear reflector. The cost is very low and the dependability high. . . . The importance of lights and reflectors at night can't be overstated; Riley Geary reports that 56% of the adult cyclists who get killed are riding at night.