What is Missouri's share of the new Safe Routes to School program

In the recent federal transportation bill, SAFETEA-LU, the new Safe Routes to School was funded.

The program is intended to fund both education for school children in how to safely walk and bicycle (10%-30% of the total funding) and infrastructure--better sidewalks, better bike lanes, better crosswalks, etc., within 2 miles of schools.

The program will include a Safe Routes to School coordinator in each state DOT. Presumably local jurisdictions will be able to apply for Safe Routes to School grants on a competitive basis.

So how much will Missouri receive each year?

2005: $1.0 million
2006: $1.6 million
2007: $2.1 million
2008: $2.6 million
2009: $3.3 million
Source: AASHTO State-by-State Apportionment Tables (Excel file)