BikeMO October 15th: Lodging and camping

BikeMO, the first annual ride for Missouri bicycle advocacy, is coming up October 15th, 2005.

If you're an early riser, it is possible to drive to Holt's Summit from most places in Missouri and arrive in time for the 9AM BikeMO start. It is about 2 hrs 45 minutes drive time from Kansas City to Holt's Summit or 2 hrs 30 minutes from St. Louis.

But for the non-early risers (count me in that group!), the adventurous, and those who might like to make a weekend of it--perhaps spending Sunday riding the Katy Trail?--here are some lodging options.

Below find: Hotels/Motels
Hotels in Jefferson City and Columbia.

Nearest campground
North Jefferson City Pavilion is about 6 miles from the BikeMO starting point. We have permission from Jefferson City Parks and Recreation for people to camp (for free!) at North Jefferson City Pavilion Friday night. The North Jefferson City Pavilion is at Hwy 54 & Route W close to the Katy Trail. It has bathrooms and running water but no showers. The picnic area has a concrete floor and a roof but no walls.

Pavilion details: On the Katy Trail
Make a weekend of it on the Katy Trail. It is possible to bicycle from the locations listed below to the BikeMO starting point--but count on between 10 and 22 miles on the trail, depending on the exact location of your lodging, then another 6-7 miles from the N. Jefferson City trailhead to the BikeMO starting point.
  • Globe Hotel/Volunteer Park
    P.O. Box 89
    Hartsburg, MO 65039
    On the Katy Trail (10 miles from N. Jefferson)
    This is a bed & breakfast with rooms available, but
    she can also arrange for camping in her sideyard
    or at nearby Volunteer Park

  • Busch's Landing
    Hartsburg, MO 65039
    On the Katy Trail (10 miles from N. Jefferson)

  • Hartsburg Inn
    25 South First Street
    Hartsburg, MO
    On the Katy Trail (10 miles from N. Jefferson)
    A bed and breakfast, but they can also arrange for
    camping--call for details

  • American Legion Park
    Hartsburg, MO 65039
    573-636-9585, Jack Braustrom
    On the Katy Trail (10 miles from N. Jefferson)
    camping for groups, by reservation only, donation requested

  • Turner Katy Trail Shelter Hostel (Tebbetts, Missouri)
    Tebbetts, MO
    800-575-2322 / 573-295-4289/573-496-398
    On the Katy Trail, 12 miles from N. Jefferson
    "hostel-style facility"

  • Riverview Traders General Store
    18300 River Rd.
    Wilton, MO 65039
    On the Katy Trail, 14 miles from N. Jefferson
    "Sleep in a Native American tipi"

  • Cooper's Landing
    On the Katy Trail
    11505 S Easley River Rd
    COLUMBIA MO 65203-8901
    Camping available on the riverfront; they generally have music Friday evenings (great if you like music, drinking, conviviality; not so good if you'd prefer to sleep)
    On the Katy Trail, 19 miles from N. Jefferson
    Web site

  • Katfish Katy's and Katy’s Little Lodge
    Huntsdale, MO
    573-447-3939 / 573-447-4109 fax
    On the Katy Trail, 19 miles from N. Jefferson
    Campground right on the riverfront; bed and breakfast in Huntsdale
    Web site
In general, for locating camping and lodging on or near the Katy Trail, the BikeKatyTrail web site is invaluable:

Other area campgrounds
  • Hidden Oaks RV Park & Campground
    (573) 592-8834
    4855 Hidden Oaks
    Fulton, MO 65251

  • Osage Campground & More
    10407 Marina Rd
    Jefferson City, MO 65101-8104
    (573) 395-4066

    573-455-2452 573-455-2452
How to bicycle from the Katy Trailhead to Holts Summit Plaza
It's possible to bicycle from the North Jefferson Pavilion or the nearby North Jefferson Katy Trailhead to the BikeMo starting point in Holts Summit.

It is approximately a 6 or 7 mile ride from the North Jefferson City Pavilion to Holt's Summit Plaza.

From the North Jefferson Pavilions or the North Jefferson Trailhead, just take Hwy 54 north. Hwy 54 is a 4-lane divided with wide paved shoulders. At Holts Summit, take the first exit (Route AC/Summit Drive; see map).

Go left on AC, which takes you north initially, then veers northeast. Follow AC/Summit Drive all the way to Route OO. The intersection of Summit Drive/AC/Old Hwy 54 with Route OO is Holts Summit Plaza, where the ride will start (see map).