Bike/ped enhancements not responsible for Columbia's Range Line cost increases

Ian Thomas of PedNET posted important information today about the controversy surrounding Range Line Street (Hwy 763) in Columbia:
Range Line Street, also known as Highway 763, has been the focus of much recent discussion following the announcement that the cost of planned improvements jumped mysteriously from $12m to $29m. On talk shows and in newspaper articles, the cost increase and the delay in implementing the project have been blamed on a sidewalk and pedway that were part of the original plan. In fact, these bicycle and pedestrian facilities are not responsible for the cost and scheduling problems.
The Range Line issue has been reported in the Columbia Tribune several times, and each article has given the erroneous impression that bicycle and pedestrian facilities were responsible for the increase in the project's price, and that the only way to move forward with the project was to cut or greatly reduce the bike/ped accommodations.

To find out the real story, read the rest of Ian's article on the subject.

Mayor Darwin Hindman of Columbia explained the issue best:

Streets are not complete if they don’t provide for a variety of transportation.