American Institute of Architects supports bike/ped crossing in Kansas City

According to an article in today's KCStar:
The Kansas City chapter of the American Institute of Architects has taken a position on the proposed expansion of the I-35/29 Paseo Bridge. The organization's members think the Missouri Department of Transportation's plan to widen the crossing from four lanes to 10 is too much.

The group's members also say no further planning should be done without involvement of residents in the Columbus Park neighborhood and a thorough examination of how the traffic would flow from the bridge into downtown.

The group also said any new bridge should include high-occupancy vehicle lanes and accommodations for bicyclists.
MOBikeFed and KCBikeFed's campaign for bike/ped access on the new Paseo Bridge, which would be the first really bike/ped friendly crossing in the entire metro Kansas City area has been having a huge impact on the planning for the bridge.

Just today, MARC appointed a committee to plan bike/ped access on all existing and future Missouri River bridges in Kansas City. Representatives of MOBikeFed and KCBikeFed are on the committee.