BikeEd class Sat Nov 5th in Springfield

Coy Hart, MoBikeFed's BikeEd Coordinator, sends this announcement
Polish your street riding skills with the League of American Bicyclists' Road
I Class. You already know traffic is more fun on a bike. Now, get even more
enjoyment from your bicycling adventures on our roads. Basic through
advanced traffic skills learned in just one day. Classroom discussion, the
"Effective Cycling" Video, parking lot practice of maneuvers, and a street ride with a
variety of situations. Improve your ability to share, communicate, and
cooperate with other traffic. Develop even more confidence in your own capabilities
and a more positive attitude towards other road users.

We are proud that number of bicycle advocates, commuters, educators, police
officers, racers, and just everyday bicyclists have chosen to take this class
in Springfield! We had a whopping 12 students in our last class!

We are down to the last Road I Class we have scheduled for the year, this
Saturday, November 5 from 8am till about 5pm. If you have any interest, please
contact me as soon as possible! If you have had the class before, you are
welcome to come back to this class for free as long as space is available. Just
let me know you are coming. Get two instructors for the price of one! Cost is
$35 and includes a new one year membership to the Missouri Bicycle Federation

If you are interested in this class, please contact Coy: Hillbillyoncrank [at]