Time to Celebrate

by brent hugh

[This article is reprinted from MoBikeFed's Summer 2005 newsletter, The Hub. Click here for a full download of the newsletter in PDF format.]

The 2005 Missouri Bicycle Safety Bill, promoted by the Missouri Bicycle Federation and other key bicycle/ pedestrian groups across the state and passed by the Missouri General Assembly in May 2005, has now been signed by the governor.

It’s the law!

We have dedicated this issue of the newsletter to celebrating the passing of the 2005 Bicycle Safety Bill. You will find articles from legislators who sponsored and supported the Bicycle Safety Bill, a summary of what is in it and why it is important, and the full text of the bill.

Passing the bill has been the result of more than three years of work by MoBikeFed and other supporters of bicycle and pedestrian safety.

It’s been a long haul and a lot of hard work. But let’s look at some of the results of this effort:

* MoBikeFed membership is the highest ever, around 400 members and growing.

* The vast majority of organized, dues-paying bicycle clubs in Missouri are MoBikeFed members, as are several key pedestrian and running organizations. Through these groups we represent over 7500 bicyclists and pedestrians in Missouri.

* We have hired lobbyist Jim Farrell and paid his fee (larger than our usual annual budget in past years) while leaving MoBikeFed’s treasury in reasonably solid condition.

* We have passed legislation that adds some solid protection for bicyclists who use the road, fixes one technical but very important issue, and establishes regulations in several areas in a bicycle-friendly way.

* MoBikeFed has gained credibility in Jefferson City to an astonishing degree. Legislators, staff, journalists, and policy makers now know us and listen to us.

This is the kind of clout we need to move bicycling forward in Missouri. I would like to personally thank all of you who have supported MoBikeFed in moving this legislation forward. I know many of you have supported MoBikeFed with money, time, and effort that has required a real personal sacrifice.

If you have done so, it is because you share a vision with me: a Missouri where many more of our fellow citizens can more safely enjoy the health benefits and just plain fun of bicycling, walking, and running.



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