MOBikeFed supported Bicycle Safety Bill scheduled for hearing in Missouri Senate


Your support of MOBikeFed and its legislative efforts are really starting to pay off.

SB 372, sponsored by Senator Kevin Engler of Farmington, has been scheduled for a hearing in the Missouri Senate's Economic Development Committee.

If you want to see what you can do to help, please visit our Advocacy Alert for the bill.

What is in the bill as it currently stands?

  • a safe passing provision for motorists passing pedestrians and bicyclists
  • allows bicyclists to signal right turn with the right arm; intermittent signalling is allowed when both hands are needed for control of the bicycle
  • regulates bike lane usage--autos must yield to any bicycles in the lane before moving into it (say, to pull into a driveway) and bicycle lanes may not be blocked
  • clarifies that bicyclists riding on the road shoulder is not illegal (this is currently a muddle in Missouri law--and one that needs to be straightened out)
  • updates the definition of a bicycle to include tricycles and quadracycles

Complete bill details, legislative history, and full text can be found on the Missouri Senate's web site.

A brief explanation of MoBikeFed's legislative strategy this year is here.