700th new/renewing MoBikeFed member for 2005

We have set a goal of 1000 new/renewing MBF members this year.

Not long ago, in October, I announced that we were passing the 500 mark (lucky #500 was Paul MacFarland of St. Louis, who memorably said, "Every single last problem on the face of this earth can be solved directly or at least indirectly with a bicycle.")

Now I am pleased to be able to say that we have just passed the 700 mark.

Yes, 700 new & renewing MoBikeFed members this year.

lucky member #700 was Kellie Bell (& family) of Springfield.

Thank you all--and especially Kellie and her family--for your support!

I don't think we are quite going to make it to our 1000 new/renewing member goal, quite. But we could certainly go over 800 members very easily.

Have you got a friend, family member, or bicycling friend who ought to be a supporter of bicycle advocacy in Missouri?

Send them to:
(Or go yourself, to give them the gift that gives twice, MoBikeFed GIFT membership.)