2006 Midwest Mountain Bike Festival

DirtRag has an article this week about GORC's upcoming 2006 Midwest Mountain Bike Festival:
Scheduled for April 7th through 9th, the Midwest Mountain Bike Festival gives mountain bikers the opportunity to improve their advocacy skills in classes and seminars at the Kona Advocacy Summit on Friday—and then turns them loose on Saturday for the Festival, which wraps up on Sunday with a 43-mile epic ride.

The action goes down at Klondike Park in St. Charles County, Missouri—just 20 minutes west of St. Louis. The park offers some of the finest singletrack in the St. Louis area. Accessible within biking distance along the Katy Rail Trail are Matson Hill Park and Lost Valley which together offer 17 miles of singletrack.
See GORC's web site for more details.