Chillicothe rail corridor still under consideration as trail

According to the Chillicothe public works director, the most likely future for much of the unused Chillicothe-Brunswick Shortline, most of which is owned by the City of Chillicothe, is to be turned into a rail-trail. Most likely much of the work will be done piecemeal as funds become available.
Missouri Blueways Map shows the Chillicothe-Brunswich Shortline, which starts in Livingstone County and ends near the Missouri River in Chariton County, as partly "abandoned" and partly "active"

Apparently a certain section of the line close in to Chillicothe will still be used for local haulage.

A rail-with-trail is a very feasible option in that situation, but is it unclear whether the city is seriously considering that option.

On the Brunswick side, there is the possibility of a connection to the Katy Trail near Boonville via the Missouri River valley. There is certainly a relatively simple on-road connection between these two trails.

The Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune has these reports on the ongoing developments:
The Green Hills Trails Association, the local trails group, has been very active in creating mountain biking trails in the Chillicothe area.<?PHP $tags="rails-with-trails, chillicothe, rails-trails,greenhillstrailsassociation, trails"; ??>