"Show Me" some respect . . .

Missouri's bad reputation for bicyclists has a history according to entry in Biking Bis's 1984 TransAmerica Trail journal:
But as soon as we entered the Ozarks, things changed. People stare, more like glare. Our waves, nods, and hellos aren't answered. Something's buggin' these people, and I think it's us.

The superintendent at the campground made us tent down in the group camp -- primitive -- area instead of up near the Winnebagos, etc., at the hot-and-cold-running-water section of the park. When we took off on our bikes to explore the shut-ins (the rocky rapids of the river) a ranger told us we'd have to walk. The supe drove up later in his pickup truck to find out about us -- not a nice friendly "Hi, how are ya" -- but a minor interrogation. As he was leaving, we asked if he could give us a lift to the showers: "I can't give civilians a ride in a state vehicle."
The silver linking here is that under the prodding of MoDOT bike/ped coordinator Caryn Giarratano and some enlightened area residents like Rep. JC Kuessner prospects for improving the TransAmerica Trail through Missouri are improving:
Representatives from many groups have been meeting to discuss improving the portion of the Adventure Cycling's Transamerica Trail that crosses the southern part of our state. The focus is on how to make this national bicycle route safer for all road users. For more information on the TAT, see the Adventure Cycling web site
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