What has MoBikeFed been doing for YOU lately?

Some of MoBikeFed's successes so far in 2006:
* Clutch's Law passed. This was a major initiative of Missouri motorcycle advocacy groups. MoBikeFed supported the bill, which provides for much stronger penalties for those drivers who run stop signs or traffic lights or recklessly speed, when that causes a accident leading to injury or death.
* Helped Missouri's Safe Routes to School program get up and running--making it an effective program to get more kids out walking and bicycling safely.
* Worked with MODOT to improve policies on bicycle accommodation, including rumble strip and drain grate issues.
* Gave significant input into Missouri's first ever strategic bicycle and pedestrian plan--now officially adopted.
* Worked with local Kansas City-area organizations and clubs to get first-ever policy adopted requiring bicyclist accommodation on major river bridges.
* Worked with MoDOT and groups around the state to support Kansas City's first safe bicycle/pedestrian Missouri River crossing. MoDOT has now committed to making this happen.
* Encouraged the "Complete Katy Trail" including the connection to Kansas City--now actively supported by the Governor and other officials who were silent on the matter a year ago.
* Sent out dozens of letters to bad drivers as part of the "motorist contact letter" program.

Come out and ride with us to celebrate these successes--BikeMO 2006 is October 14th.

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