Arizona Passes Double-Fine School Zone Legislation

From the National Safe Routes to School E-News:
Drivers in violation pay at least $200

A new law that recently went into effect doubles the fines for traffic violations in the State of Arizona when the “Stop When Children in Crosswalk” signs are present. School zone signs around the state will be modified to add the words “Fines Double” by the end of the year. Under the new law, drivers will pay a minimum of $200, depending on the jurisdiction.

“Doubling of school zone fines is a valuable enforcement tool in the ‘Safe Routes To School’ toolkit,” says Safe Routes to School Coordinator Brian Fellows from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). “As the traffic safety community works to make walking and bicycling to school a safer and more convenient option for elementary and middle school students, double fines will send a message to drivers that Arizona is serious about protecting our children by reducing traffic danger.”
A similar measure is part of MOBikeFed's Draft Legislative Platform.