Where Missouri stands

Missouri stands on the trailing edge of bicycle and pedestrian accommodation in the United States. Let's work together for change.

Where does Missouri stand as far as bicycle and pedestrian use? Safety? Transportation costs?

There is much we do not know.

But we do know this: nationally, 11.1% of injury accidents involve pedestrians. In Missouri it is only 7.1%

Nationally, 1.5% of fatal collisions involve bicyclists. In Missouri it is only 0.5%

Do these statistics indicate Missouri is much safer for bicycling and walking than the national average?

More likely they indicate that the amount of bicycling and walking in Missouri is far below the national average.

We know that bicycle and pedestrian trips make up 9.5% of the total nationally, but only 4.3% of the total in Kansas City and 5.9% in St. Louis.

And we know that bicycling and walking rates are far higher in metropolitan areas than in rural areas.

So the amount of walking and bicycling in Missouri as a whole is almost certainly less than half the national average--perhaps far less than half.

We know that the cost of transportation in our major metropolitan areas is higher than the national average, and that a major cause of the high cost is our substandard bicycle and pedestrian transportation systems.

And--we know how to fix the problem.

Find the statistics, sources, and suggested solutions in Where Missouri Stands [PDF format].

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