Tour of Georgia underway

The Tour of Georgia is underway this week, ending Sunday.

Here is the latest, from the KCStar:

Gianni Meersman of Belgium (riding for the Discovery Channel team) was the top finisher in a stunning breakaway at the Tour de Georgia when 13 cyclists broke away from the field and steadily increased their margin.

The riders leading through the early stages are now a staggering 29 minutes, 7 seconds behind Meersman. That includes American hopefuls Levi Leipheimer, George Hincapie, Tom Danielson and Tyler Hamilton.

Wrapups of the TdG will be shown on Versus' Cyclysm Sundays: April 28 @ 5pm ET & April 29 @ 5pm ET.

For details, video, & live online reporting about stages as they are going on, visit SteepHill.TV.

Of course, for us Missourians, this is all a warmup for our own Tour of Missouri.