Katy Trail included in Taum Sauk settlement negotiations

A record of the correspondence between the Missouri Department of Natural Resources and AmerenUE over settlement terms for the Taum Sauk reservoir disaster of December 2005 show that trail use of the Rock Island corridor, owned by AmerenUE, has been a consistent part of the negotiations.

A letter outlining the history of the negotiations (PDF format) indicates that the DNR has asked for a both the land and funding to build a trail alongside the railroad line, while Ameren has responded by offering to provide "perpetual license" for use of the railroad corridor.

The good news is that both sides seem to accept that the Katy Trail connection will be part of the settlement; the disagreement is only about the terms for doing so.

The DNR's most recent letter and settlement offer is dated May 2nd, 2007. Since that time the DNR and Missouri Attorney General Jay Nixon have agreed to work together and present a unified settlement offer to Ameren.

It is unknown at this time whether that unified settlement offer will include the Katy Trail Connection.

One way or another, the Taum Sauk negotiations may be finalized soon.

(In two minutes you can send a message to Missouri officials asking them to include the Katy Trail Connection in these negotiations--if we miss this opportunity to "Complete the Katy Trail" now, it may be decades before another arises . . . )