Taum Sauk settlement (and related Katy Trail connection) causing political waves--again

According to an AP article:
Gov. Matt Blunt’s administration called on Attorney General Jay Nixon today to drop a lawsuit against Ameren Corp. over the Taum Sauk reservoir collapse.

Missouri Department of Natural Resources Director Doyle Childers made the request in a letter he sent to Nixon’s office. Childers outlined five conditions Nixon should meet to help move settlement talks forward so Ameren can pay the state for damage from the reservoir breach.

Along with dropping the lawsuit, Childers said Nixon should decide soon whether he will file criminal charges against Ameren over the collapse.

“Nixon’s lawsuit and his threat of criminal charges have prevented the settlement from moving forward,” Childers wrote in the letter.

Bill Bryan, Nixon’s deputy chief of staff, responded to the letter late today, accusing Childers of hindering the settlement process.

Bryan said in a letter that he and Childers attended meetings recently during which they agreed on almost every point of a unified settlement offer to give Ameren.
Please remember to take two minutes to send your monthly reminder to Missouri officials (including both Childers and Nixon) that "Completing the Katy Trail" is still one of our top priorities (use of the rail corridor to connect the Katy to KC is one of the items under discussion in the Taum Sauk settlement).