Lewis & Clark Water Trail complements Katy Trail

According to a Kansas City infoZine article:

Gov. Matt Blunt announced plans for the Lewis and Clark Water Trail last year at an event in St. Louis marking the end of the Lewis and Clark Bicentennial. The concept is for state agencies to work together to make it easier for Missourians and visitors from other states to take advantage of the canoeing, kayaking, hunting, fishing, photography and cutural opportunities that abound on the Missouri River. The Web site is the first tangible step in plans to develop the river's recreational and tourism potential.

Visitors to missouririverwatertrail.org will not have to guess about the location of boat ramps, conservation areas, state parks and other public areas on the "Big Muddy's" 550-mile path through Missouri. Interactive maps show the location of river accesses, public lands and communities with facilities and services, such as camping, rest rooms, restaurants, stores and other amenities.

The Web site also contains paddling tips, safety information and geographical and historical information about the river. Over time, the state will develop closer linkage between this information and Web sites or trail-side communities and businesses.

"The Lewis and Clark Water Trail offers paddlers the kind of access that cyclists have enjoyed along the Katy Trail State Park for several years," said Shannon Cave, one of three representatives from the Missouri Department of Conservation working with the Department of Natural Resources and the Division of Tourism to make the trail a reality. "It opens outdoor recreation opportunities on an epic scale. People who have never been on the river always have the same reaction on their first visit. They say 'This is beautiful! Why don't more people use the river?'"