Area bicyclist calls for safe river crossings in Kansas City area

Kansas City area bicyclist Sarah Belanus wrote:
The recent death of a pedestrian has once again brought to the forefront the issue of safe bicycle and pedestrian access to Kansas City’s river bridges.

The downtown renewal is outfitting our beautiful city with a vibrant, livable and healthy new downtown space. People are snapping up condos and lofts, and looking for ways to enjoy living without having to use a car.

Did you know that our heritage as a Missouri Riverfront city is actually a hindrance to those who wish to live downtown?

There are no pedestrian walkways or sidewalks to get across any of our bridges. Anyone who has driven across the Broadway Bridge has seen people walking down the middle “catwalk,” little more than a 2-foot-wide section of curb between four lanes of speeding traffic.

When will MoDOT step up and commit to keeping those who walk and bike downtown safe?
Read the rest of Sarah's letter, and community responses to it, here.

Send a message to MoDOT asking for better bike/ped access across the Missouri River here.