Kansas bicycling/walking/trails advocacy group started

Several months ago, KDOT's Lisa Koch invited me to give a presentation at the Built Environment and Trails Summit, Oct 18-19, 2007, on "How to start an advocacy group".

Many of us who have been involved in bicycle, pedestrian, and trails advocacy issues in Kansas have realized for quite some time that a statewide advocacy group is sorely needed in Kansas.

So I thought, "Let's not just talk about starting a Kansas advocacy group, let's do it."

Talking with several key bicycling, walking, and trails organization leaders, found all to support the idea.

So, putting together ideas from an ATV advocacy group that was started 2 years ago at the Missouri Trails Summit, from the Thunderhead Alliance, and from the Missouri Bicycle Federation's experience, we created:

  • A plan to spend the next 12 months creating the organizational structure and goals of the statewide advocacy organization and then formally create the organization by adopting the name, goals, bylaws, and board in a Membership Meeting and Celebration one year from now at the next Kansas Trails Summit
  • An outline of what needs to be done over the next 12 months to establish and active and powerful Kansas statewide bicycling, walking, and/or trails advocacy group, including:
    • A list of needed organizing committee members and responsibilities
    • A list of main goals/objectives for the first year
    • A timetable and meeting schedule (the organizing committee will meet the first Sunday, every other month, starting in December 2007)

  • A summary of general guidance and ideas for establishing a bicycling, walking, or trails advocacy group (useful for anyone wanting to start an advocacy group--whether local, metro-wide, or state-wide)
Gina Poertner, President of the Kanza Rail-Trails Conservancy, has agreed to chair the Organizating Committee.

The first official meeting of the Organizing Committee will be the afternoon of Sunday, December 2nd, 2007, in Emporia, Kansas. (Exact time and place TBA.)

If you would like to be involved in the creation of this Kansas advocacy organization, would like to be part of the organizing committee, or know anyone who should be on the organizing committee, please email Gina: gksport5 [at] yahoo.com

You can also stay abreast of news/developments by joining the KANBike email list.