Kansas bicycle advocacy group KanBikeWalk up and running

Photo courtesy HPZ
I attended the recent KanBikeWalk organizational meeting in Emporia, Kansas, in a role as "advisor" and helper, and am very pleased to report that this new Kansas bicycle and pedestrian advocacy organization is now up and running.

The group has adopted bylaws, a name, a board, a chair, officers, and are on the path to getting organized on all levels over the next 10 months on the pattern for new advocacy organizations advocated by the Thunderhead Alliance.

The group is working to become established as a Kansas nonprofit corporation and then apply for 501(c)(3) status.

Now, if you live in the state of Kansas, all they need is YOU:

On Dec 2, the organization now known as KanBikeWalk was formed and a board of directors selected. Now the fun!

We need you to become involved by joining our new Yahoo groups email list and share your ideas, knowledge and energy to fulfill the purpose of KanBikeWalk, which is:

"To promote a safe bicycling and walking environment for Kansans through education and advocacy."

Go to https://groups.yahoo.com/group/KanBikeWalk/

In the top left corner you will see a blue button that says JOIN THIS GROUP. Click on that and then if you are not already a yahoo member you will need to make a profile for yourself. We need to know your name and where you live. No one will be approved without this information in an effort to protect all of us from spammers and anonymous others. Please email Maggi if you have any difficulty. I will be happy to help.

Please join as you can so you don't forget in this joyous, but busy season.

Dale Crawford, Vice President, kanbike at comcast.net
Maggi Hacker, Secretary, mhacker at kc.rr.com

This new Kansas statewide advocacy organization will be tremendously helpful to MoBikeFed--especially as one of the two largest Missouri metro areas sits astride the Kansas state line.

Of the eight states that border Missouri, only four have statewide bicycle advocacy organizations: Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, and now Kansas. (Arkansas, Tennessee, Oklahoma, and Nebraska have active local advocacy groups, but no statewide advocacy group.)

Each adjoining state that creates a strong bicycle advocacy presence makes it easier to move bicycling forward in Missouri as well.