BikeMO 2007 wrap-up

BikeMO 2007 riders, photo by Eric Rogers
BikeMO 2007 was an adventure . . .

The TV weatherman tonight announced that October was one of the warmest on record.

And one reason we do BikeMO in October is statistically speaking it is the driest month in the riding season.

Of that warmest October on record and average driest month of the riding season, the one day it was cold and rainy all day long was October 13th--BikeMO.

Despite that, the third annual BikeMO had our highest attendance every--both in the number of registered riders and in the number who actually rode the course.

Our sag drivers set a record as well--up to 7 sag vehicles on the road at one time. You Missouri cyclists must be tough, though. It seemed busy at the time but in the end we figured we'd sagged in less than 25 people all together--meaning the vast majority of riders made it back in on their own power.

I think the big difference made by the rain--which started about 20 minutes after the mass start and ended about the time the last rider came in off the century course--is that many riders decided to ride a shorter route than they planned.

And spent a little extra time enjoying the warm, dry convenience stores along the route.

The date for BikeMO 2008 has already been set: Saturday October 18th, 2008.

Hope to see you there for another warm, dry, beautiful October day!

Photos from BikeMO 2007 are here (also 2005 and 2006).

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