Cold weather bicycling?

Cold weather scaring you off your bike? Check out what John Andersen says on the Bicycling Life web site:
Bad enough that "winter" in southern California discourages most sunny weather cyclists, how could one possibly manage winter in a northern city, let alone such places as Canada, and (shudder) Alaska?

Well, guess what folks; Winter Cycling is not only practical but growing in popularity, a great deal of fun as well.

After a couple of years of cycling all winter, I stumbled onto the fact that there were a few other folks doing the same thing when I read a post in a news group that someone had started a winter cycling mailing list called "ICEBIKE". The term was actually invented by the list manager (Joe Clark of Montreal Canada), and it came to signify all things about Winter Cycling. I've been doing it for 6 years now and each year I find myself looking forward to winter and the winter cycling opportunity. Did I mention I live in Alaska?
Andersen goes on to dispel the usual myths about cold-weather bicycling:
  • It's Not Unpleasant.
  • It's Not Cold.
  • It's not dangerous
  • It's practical
Expect to be treated better by motorists in winter than in summer. If motorists don't see that painted bike lane they give you wider clearance than if they do see it, even if you ride in the same position. Motorists also seldom honk at you in winter. . . .

Expect to find winter cycling far more enjoyable than you ever imagined. Expect to find yourself sneaking out of work on your lunch break to take a ride on a sunny winter day.