Iowa gets Share the Road license plates

The Iowa Bicycle Coalition has been working on a Share the Road license plate--and is very near to success.

According to the Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier:
Mark Wyatt has been trying for years to bring Share the Road license plates to Iowa. His efforts have finally paid off. . . .

Wyatt needed 37 [needed] orders before a new personalized Iowa license plate could begin its first production run. As of Dec. 11, he had secured 463 prepaid orders for the plates, and he thinks there will be many more. . . .

The organization has received about 800 application requests for the plates. Wyatt said that for those who don't get one of the first 500, there will be more opportunities to purchase them. The plates will be available from the county treasurers' offices in all 99 counties once the first run is complete.

At least 23 states have similar Share the Road license plates.
MoBikeFed's Share the Road license plate initiative is also making progress, with nearly 2000 interested people signed up so far. We hope to have over 4000 signed up by June 30th, 2008, when the application is due.