KanBikeWalk holds inaugural meeting

The Emporia Gazette covered the recent meeting of the new statewide advocacy organization in Kansas, KanBikeWalk:
In related news, a new organization, KanBikeWalk, held its first meeting Dec. 2 in Emporia. The group’s mission “is to promote a safe bicycling and walking environment for Kansans through education and advocacy.”

“Several of us have been talking for some time about starting this type of group after working with the successful Missouri Bicycle Federation on a variety of issues,” said Poertner, also president of KanBikeWalk. “This first year will be organizational in nature, setting up our structure and raising funds for operations.”

At the first meeting, bicycle, running and walking organization leaders along with representatives of the Kansas Department of Transportation attended.
You can join the new organization's email contact list here: