MoBikeFed Vision of Active Transportation in Missouri released

As part of our effort to educate our elected officials about bicycling and walking in Missouri, MoBikeFed has created a "Vision of Active Transportation in Missouri" (PDF format).

The vision encapsulates much of what MoBikeFed members have been telling us and what the MoBikeFed board has been working for over the years into a single document.

The vision lists concrete, measurable things we want to accomplish in Missouri in the next 5-10 years.

The Vision also includes a Results Tracker. This will allow us to keep closer tabs on where Missouri is, where it needs to go, where we are making good progress, and where we need to concentrate our efforts to make more progress.

In addition, we will issue an annual "Report Card for Active Transportation in Missouri" summarizing the results.

The vision is a work-in-progress and a living document, so please let us know what you think--what should be added or emphasized?

(Note that the vision is a brief summary and lists only some of our specific goals and projects. The complete list of priorities and goals is found in the Vision Results Tracker.)


* Double the number of people walking, bicycling, and using mass transit in the next 10 years

* Cut bicycle and pedestrian crash rates in half at the same time

* Double MoBikeFed membership in the next 5 years

* Double the number of schools participating in Bike/Walk to School Month and communities participating in Bike Month activities

* Create a state bicycling map

* Continued movement towards traffic justice for nonmotorized users in Missouri traffic laws

* Greatly increase the number of instructors and participants in the national, proven League Cycling Instruction program

* Bicycle/pedestrian traffic enforcement weeks in at least 10 communities annually

* A statewide Missouri Complete Streets policy; at least 3 metro areas and 5 cities with Complete Streets policies

* 5 Bronze Level and 1 Silver Level Bicycle Friendly Communities in Missouri, and 5 additional communities working towards Bronze Level

* Improve the Katy Trail network:
From its current 225 miles to
  • 300 miles within 5 years
  • 800 miles long term
From its current reach of 210,000 Missourians within 2 miles of the trail to
  • 350,000 within 5 years
  • 2.5 million+ long term
Find out more about Bicycle Day at the Capitol and join us February 26th, 2008, as we plan to visit all 202 representatives and senators in Jefferson City to ask them to help us make Missouri a better, safer place to bicycle and walk.