GetAbout Columbia settles on priority project list

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At a publich hearing Tuesday night, Columbia, MO, city council members heard public testimony and narrowed down a list of projects that will received funding through the federal Nonmotorized Pilot Project.

The project is designed to give four cities/regions around the country a funding boost for bicycle/pedestrian projects, proving that such an effort can be a realistic part of addressing the nation's transportation, congestion, emissions, and energy problems.

The Columbia Missourian article summarizes all projects on the priority list and includes a map showing the location of the projects.

According to the article:

The hearing was meant to provide an opportunity for residents and interested parties to weigh in on the proposals before the city arrives at a refined list that suits GetAbout Columbia’s budget requirements. The decision means that GetAbout Columbia has the green light to move the projects in the refined list forward through a series of further planning procedures. Each project is still subject to final approval by the city.

The projects include construction and improvement work on bike trails, sidewalks and shared-use paths, as well as improvements to major intersections. A priority list of 18 projects had been submitted by the advisory committee to the council on July 1. By the time the list was brought before the hearing, another project had been added, along with some modifications to the listed plans.

Two of the most hotly debated issues during the 4½-hour hearing were a proposed connection between Bluff Dale Drive and East Campus, as part of the proposed Hinkson Trail, and a connector linking South Garth Avenue to the Grasslands neighborhood. Both connectors were voted off the priority list.