GetAbout Columbia--federal nonmotorized pilot project now moving forward on many fronts

The news from Columbia's Nonmotorized Pilot Project--now dubbed getabout Columbia--has been coming so fast and furious this spring it is hard to keep up.

The city has moved forward with bicycle education, promotion, Bike Month activities, trails, bike lanes, and of course had a bit of controversy (no trail project is complete unless neighbors worry incessantly about the "disruption" to their neighborhood beforehand, then rave about the benefits afterwards).

The good news is this: People in Columbia and throughout the state--perhaps not familiar with the requirements and time table needed to get a brand new, major federally funded project off the ground and moving--have been asking, "When are they actually going to do something with all that nonmotorized pilot project funding?!"

Well, they are doing something now--and the pace will only pick up from now forward.