Post-Dispatch's Dave Luecking explains why pro bicycle racing is the world's best spectator sport

Dave Luecking of the Post-Dispatch--also known as "10 Speed", explains why bicycle racing is the best sport in the world:

There’s no other major sport in the world where a fan in a replica uniform can run alongside the day’s best performer on the field of play in any event, let alone in the sports marque showcase.

If you would try to do what the guy in the photo above is doing, say, in the Super Bowl, or World Series, or NBA playoffs, or Stanley Cup Finals, or the World Cup, or Wimbledon, and you’d be tackled by security and arrested. . . .

But at the Tour de France, the fans are RIGHT THERE, and best of all, ADMISSION IS FREE!!!
See photos of what Luecking is talking about on his blog here.